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Katie Costello: From Concept To Creation

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January 16, 2018
February 7, 2018

Hearts On Fire: Music Video.

From Concept to Creation

Welcome to a inside look at one of our favorite projects of 2017. Katie Costelllo, recording artist and co-founder of Rebel Pop Records chose Lifted to create her music video for her single, "Heart's On Fire." Now, you get a look at how we put this project together in this single day shoot.

Behind the Scene photos of our music video shoot Katie Costello: Hearts On Fire.

Our task here was to create a concept that was inspired by the music. Step one started with the music itself. Both Kadri and I were inspired by the music and the songwriting of the single. However, Kadri's idea was the idea that clearly was right on the money for what the artist needed. Though there are many ways to approach a music video, with songs like "Heart's On Fire" the lyrics truly painted a crystal clear picture.

When we delivered the concept to Katie and Vivekan (Katie's manager and co-founder of Rebel Pop Records), the cinergy was immediately evident. In concept, they expressed that they could "see" what we were describing and it was exactly what they had in mind. After the concept was agreed upon it was time for pre-production.

Though there are many ways to approach a music video, with songs like "Heart's On Fire" the lyrics truly painted a crystal clear picture.


Pre-production consisted of location scouting, buying, making or borrowing and creating the needed material plus finding and hiring the personnel to complete the project. First, we connected with Brandon Allen of Stone Fox Media who helped us with filming and drone shots. We also hired the talented fire dancer and silk aerial artist, Staza Stone who was featured in the video and was the aerial specialist who kept Katie safe when she was suspended in the air.

Then we put out the call to our creative community and gained the support of our friends and family. So a special thanks goes out to Olivia of Wallace Marketing group she brought her daughter and friends with her. We also want to thank recording artist Vonny Bennett Musician George Hunter as well as dancer Julia Bramante, and entrepreneur Elisa Romero for their involvement and support.

Then on the day of the shoot, we started in the mountains at 4 am and finished filming later the next morning around 2 am. Katie was gracious and humble to work with and we had an amazing time working with the entire team that came together. We can't fail to mention that if it wasn't for artist and entrepreneurs, Lifted would have no purpose. We seek to serve the entrepreneurial spirit and we would cherish the opportunity to do the same for you. Contact us today if you or someone that you know needs to #GetLifted.

View the Full Video Here!!

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