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May 1, 2017
May 3, 2017

Films can change the world.

One of our most fulfilling journeys as filmmakers, was to the wonderous world of India. With her glorious countryside and kindhearted people, India enriched our lives for the better, forever. However, as with all places on earth, there was a side to India and the entire region, which was hard to learn about, the common practice of "honor killings". In the neighboring country of Pakistan, Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy exposed this practice in her documentary film "A Girl in The River". The film looks at the life of Saba Qaisera, who survived the attempted murder attempt from her very own father. Why? Because she had fallen in love with the wrong person.

Though this is a practice that is was culturally excepted, during her Oscar acceptance speech Obaid-Chinoy said, “This week, the Pakistani prime minister said that he will change the law on honor killing after watching this film...That is the power of film.”.


Stories can be told in many ways. Word of mouth, books, letters or song. Yet one of the most effective ways, since it's beginnings as far back as the 1890's, is film. In the digital age, there is no better way in regards to online communication then creating compelling video content. Film has had a major effect on the culture as a whole and has influenced many industries especially marketing. For example, today we see a lot of marketing commercials being created as if they are movie trailers. The instant attention they garnish is coveted by marketers around the globe.

Additionally, the virtual world allows for the power of duplication to be even more effective. When stories connect, people instinctively want to share them. Furthermore, they want to know what happens next. Creating a continuing narrative, sequels to the initial story builds the anticipation, curiosity, and relationship which in turn can lead to brand loyalty.

“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” ― Ingmar Bergman


We believe in building relationship with your audience in a way that fits your brands' personality and objective. In a world where people can and are al-a-carting their life with more ease than ever before, compelling them to include us into their lives can be a challenge. However consistently conversing with our audience through the power of video is, for most brands, the most effective way to accomplish this objective.

If you are thinking to yourself, "This sounds good but who has the time and the resources to do all this on their own?" you aren't alone. The truth is that there are many ways to build a video dialog with our client base using Facebook and Instagram, but there is a limit to what anyone can do on their own. For tips to help you engage with your audience on your own or to get help with a more in-depth video contact us today. We're listening.

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