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May 2, 2017
May 4, 2017

Rumble in the Jungle

M uhammad Ali let George Foreman beat him against the ropes in one of the biggest fights of 1974. Ali took blow after blow for nearly the entire fight in what had to have seemed to be a humiliating loss for the boxing great to the onlookers in the crowd. Until that is, Ali turned the tables on the Goliath of a boxer, in the eighth round. Ali stunned the world by defeating the exhausted Foreman by knockout by using what now is known as the "rope-a-dope" Strategy.

Today, we rumble in the ever-growing jungle of the internet where we face massive competition. In our arsenal, the video gives us an opportunity to deliver a massive blow in the fight to gain the attention of our audience. But without the right strategy, we don't stand a chance. What makes things even worse, is that so many people understand that video is powerful but seem to underestimate the value of strategy when developing video content.

"Two of the most powerful tools used to tell a story are film and music. However, without a strategy to use these tools, what good do they really do? ”


Case and point, you may have already purchased video services from a company but seen little or no returns from the video that you produced. There are typically two main problems that are at play here. One, your story is not in use. Secondly, there is little or no thought in to how this video(s) are released into the consciences of the social media stream of information..

So not only do we need the right message but we need the right, consistent delivery of our message.

“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” – Rudy Giuliani


Now think of vision that you have for your brand. What are you working towards? What goals have you already set? Here is where you take the sense of navigation and with intention apply these thoughts towards the creation of your film. Together with the history, you have already created, we can develop a narrative that tells the past and steers us toward the desired future.

Next, our world today is inundated with all types of information. Still, when people find what they like, they want more of it and will likely be impatiently expecting more. With such short attention spans, it’s important not to miss the initial window of opportunity and have follow-up material already on deck.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." ― Sun Tzu

Each strategy should be tailored to the story, timing and current needs and goals of the brand. It's a vital part of the puzzle that makes a world of difference in the end. Saving time, money and avoids loads of frustration. So if you believe your story is one worth listening to but are unsure how to wisely share it through video, let us help. Contact us today, it's a free consultation. You have nothing to lose.

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