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May 3, 2017
For The Dreamers and Believers!
January 16, 2018

Our Success is in the Power of our Story

Nearly a decade ago, Lifted Film & Music set out to inspire music artist to continue to be authentic. In a world that was producing more cookie cutter copies than seemingly ever before, the need for authentic artistry was at an all time high. People wanted to see change. However, companies that helped such artistry were few and far between, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Over the years we have had the honor of building relationships with artist, entrepreneurs, and businesses from all over the world. Though all of the brands we have worked with have their unique qualities the common thread is that the sum of their experiences are what have defined them and prepared them for the marketplace. And the sums of their experience, their story, are what set them apart. Giving them the one unique quality they need to survive and grow, individuality.

Lebanise Simon interview for "Sadie. BellyDance Beyond The Glitter' A documentary film

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

We read books and blog post and watch video testimonies. As people, we gather around the campfire or text the latest info because we are so strongly connected through a story. It’s not just the information, it’s the heart of the story that ignites people.

Word of mouth has for ages been the most potent form of advancing information, especially when it comes from a trusted source. Take for example a movie review. Regardless of our own intuition about a movie, if a friend sees it before you and then gives you their opinion of it, it influences your feeling. Or if you want to go to a restaurant but a family member gives you a bad review of their experience, it might give you pause. They share their experience a.k.a. story and bottom line, it has an impact.


Olivia and Shawn Wallace. Wallace Marketing Group


When building a business or brand, our goal is to influence the opinion of our brand as much as possible. What better way to achieve this than telling the tale of how it all got started and how it grew to where it is today. The truth about your past, present, and vision for the future gives your audience a look at the heart of who we are while giving us the chance to influence them with our real life experience. In the end, those who believe in you will walk with you.

In today's world we see story applications marketed all over the internet. Revitalizing the ageless form of connection and communication. Snapchat created the trend that Facebook and Instagram now offer as a "story" feature with great success. All with the goal to keep followers engaged with the story. To sum it up, your story can inspire people to act, but only when you share it. The question now is, are you sharing your story with the world? If not, the time is now and we can help. Take advantage of the free consultation and find out how we use your story to create brand loyalty.

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