When Ian and Kadri met, they shared an immediate connection. One of the most notable was their love for art and creativity.

Together they realized that there was a growing void of support for the creative artist. So in 2008, they decide to build a business together. Kadri's background in publishing, marketing, and public relations combined with Ian's songwriting, musical talent, and business savvy created the perfect foundation for Lifted Film & Music.

For two years Kadri and Ian produced music, created graphics and held live events for the local artist in Miami. They built strong relationships within the Miami community that remain strong till this day. But everything took a dramatic change in the fall of 2010. Ian's mom Royce, one of the driving forces in his life, lost her 7 month battle with cancer 4 days after his 29th birthday.

For months Ian lost his desire for the art and business. Then one day, he found a few minutes of video footage of his mom, in an old cell phone. This was bittersweet. Though it was great to see and hear her voice again, that was all the footage the family had. Kadri and Ian then vowed that they would never miss the opportunity to capture memories again. So together with his sister Vonny, they purchased their first camera and filmed a music video tribute to the woman they all loved so much.

From there, the exploration into the world of the film began. Now, after almost a decade of filming weddings, artist, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, Lifted has honed their skills to bring the art of strategic storytelling to the forefront.

Strategic Storytelling. The art of elevating your audience's connection to the heart of your brand's story.

Chances are, that you or someone that you know have tried to use the power of video to grow and expand their brand. Hopefully, it was successful but if there wasn't the success that was desired there are likely two main components that were missing. Story and Strategy.

Learn about strategic storytelling and why it's important.

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