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The Process

Timothy called us from West Palm Beach, Florida and expressed that he had difficulty finding a quality video team to help him. He told us that the work he had seen from us online inspired him to call us and he needed the same for his online business. During pre-production, we conducted several video meetings in which we learned about his companies genesis, his marketing, and company goals, set timelines, and dates for the overall production and completed the Brand Film framework.
Lifted flew to Florida for a 3-day production trip. We interviewed 4 of Timothy's clients as well as Timothy himself. We filmed Timothy spending time with his family and working with his clients. Timothy had a chance to watch the project develope and was instrumental in helping us along the way. His passion for his business showed in his passion and preparation for the production phase.
Post Production
Our film and sound editors crafted Timothy's content into his Brand Film that resonants with his target audience. His film is heartfelt, informative and enjoyable to watch! G+F Business and Financial Consulting LLC were equipped with a 60 sec. promo edit, 3-minute business trailer, and mini-documentary in addition to behind the scenes photography.
Now it's time to get this film in front of the businesses that need to see it. G+F Business and Financial Consulting L.L.C. now utilizes its new Brand Film to fuel its marketing campaign, sales funnel and create brand awareness.

The Promise

Framework and Strategy
How do we created Brand Films that inspire those who watch it, to engage for our clients? We use the power of embedded code in human DNA.....Stories. It's the greatest tool known to mankind. We use the Brand Film framework to create the copytext, shot-list, and distribution strategy for the production and post-production phases.
Equipped and Technically Sound
We are equipped and technically experienced to film beautiful cinematic footage, record immersive sound, and create the musical score. The Look and Feel of your Brand Film will Reflect and Reveal your target audience.
Guidance and Preparation
The Process is not as easy as it looks but it's not as hard as it looks either. With a combined 20 years of experience, Kadri and Ian help you direct your Brand Film. Your vision working together with our production crew creates a Brand Film that inspires action. We prepare you and guide you every step of the way.
Trust and Commitment
Unless society decides to quit using the internet, the online world will increase. Humanity will be eternally connected through the stories we tell. Lifted values our clients above all else. We vow to share your story with care. Providing unwavering client support and Integrity in story telling.
It started with me checking out the videos Lifted Ent. was posting over a two year period on Instagram and Facebook. I fell in love with their work instantly and with every post, they would make I was imagining the video I would love for them to do for my company G+F but I didn’t know how feasible it would be because they were based in Colorado and my company was based in Florida. I decided to reach out anyways to hear their thoughts about coming to Florida. Long story short we made it happen. They were professional and easy to work with but most importantly they knew their stuff. I must admit that I was impressed and my clients were impressed with the quality and results of my project. I can’t wait to work on the next video project which will be my video podcast. Lifted Ent. is now an official member of the G+F family!

Timothy Wingate Jr.

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Timothy Wingate Jr.

Timothy L. Wingate Jr. is a Real Estate & Health Care Tax Accountant and the Founder/President of G+F Business & Financial Consulting LLC. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of South Florida. He also a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and received his Graduate Certification in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice from Nova Southeastern University. Timothy has been a well-respected leader in the business community for several years. He is known for his integrity, strategic thinking skills, and his ability to handle complex financial problems. He held a double role as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of a longstanding nonprofit organization in Palm Beach County, FL. His experience consists of negotiating federal, state, and private contracts; managing multiple program budgets during a fiscal year; implementing accounting systems, and solving company financial dilemmas. Timothy has not only led his organization to great heights but he has helped several businesses in South Florida push their organizations to the summit of success. He has a passion for satisfying his clients with leading-edge service. He understands that his purpose is not only to be a leader in his community, but it is to develop other leaders to lead in their communities. Timothy resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife Erice, and their three sons, Timothy III, Isaiah, and David.

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